Friday, September 21, 2007

The mother of all stuff ups

Let this be a lesson to all church and theological libraries, or indeed anyone who owns rare or antiquarian books of any description. Just because they're not being used or taking up room in your library, don't let them fall into the hands of some canny book dealer who will sell them off for a handsome profit. You could be sitting on a gold mine.

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Miss Eagle said...

Ross, this reminds me of one of Alan Bennett's wonderful Talking Heads stories, The Hand of God, which stars the wonderful Eileen Atkins. Hate to give away a punch line on a Talking Heads because his pieces are so finely honed, but Celia is so anxious to sell an oak table. Someone who comes in frequently to look at the table eventually buys not the table but the funny old sketch in an old frame on top of the table. It later sells for millions because it is a Michelangelo sketch for the finger of God from the Sistine Chapel. Snobby Celia might have begun to twig if she had ever deigned to watch TV - in particular Channel 4 who had the finger of God as its station close ID!

Blessings and bliss