Friday, August 03, 2007

Another brick in the wall

As a child, Lego was my favourite toy. Lego today is far more elaborate now than it was in my day, and some people are using it in creative ways. Take for example the Brick Testament, which uses Lego figures to make the stories of the Bible come alive as never before. Even the violent, salacious portions of Scripture have been lovingly recreated in Lego form. Here we see a picture from the Lego retelling of the death of Stephen, as overseen by the pre-conversion Apostle Paul, and adapted from the book of Acts. For this and other stories, point your Internet browser in the direction of


James Garth said...

It's pretty funny, I admit, although there are some seriously anti-God themes in the Brick Testament. The passages are selectively picked and translated using the archaic KJV to support an "absurdist" reading that appeals to skeptics. Also, the anthropomorphic depiction of Yahweh, the Holy Spirit, etc is designed to invoke ridicule as much as humour.

btw, if you look closely at the "Massacre of the Ammonites" in Judges 10:6 one of Baal idols in the background is constructed from the lego version of Jar Jar Binks... :-)

Ross McPhee said...

James, I agree with what you say. On the one hand, this site might get people interested in reading the Bible who otherwise wouldn't, which is a good thing, but on the other hand, its choice of texts is very skewed and selective, which isn't.

That Jar Jar Binks has a lot to answer for, doesn't he?

Glen O'Brien said...

Cute. Do they have Bathsheba taking a bath on the roof? Just asking.

James Garth said...

No, I already checked Bathsheba. But they do have David and Jonathan with, needless to say, all of the homo-erotic overtones rolled in... :(

ghost of tikkles said...

Thanks for the comment, dude. Really brightened up my day.

to think that Madalone isn't a total diva, after all that success, gives hope to us all.