Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A winner is you

On Monday afternoon I had a phone call from a delightful young lady in the promotions department at Vega 91.5 FM, a radio station here in Melbourne. As a result of me playing an online name that tune game on the Vega website, I managed to win a pack of 3 CD's, which came in today's mail. I'm the grateful recipient of the following:

Boonanza II: Boony's Clubroom Classics

Living in the 80's Now

Standing On the Outside: The Songs of Cold Chisel

I'm sure you'd all agree that I've done well for myself to have acquired such a stunning array of songs, and considering Vega's playlist, I suppose I could have done worse, even if the 80's compilation CD features tracks from Wa Wa Nee and Wang Chung.


Glen O'Brien said...

Good job Ross. I sometimes listen to that Vega quiz but I'm a notorious channel surfer so it would have been a fluke if I had heard you compete. Does this mean you got to speak to Shaun Micallef?

Anonymous said...

In regards to enjoying your prize Cds, it horses for courses I guess...)gotta love a bit of the 80s, not to mention Cold Chisel Barnsy my favorite...not)
I shall look forward to hearing your rendition of Khe Sanh. ;p


One Salient Oversight said...

Everybody have fun tonight.

Everybody Wang Chung tonight.

Awesome (in an ironic / camp way of course)

Kitty Cheng said...

Congratulations winner ;)

Ross McPhee said...

Glen, alas they didn't put me on air. The competion was on the Vega website. However, I have met Mr. Micallef at a book signing. I thought you might rebuke me with a clause from the Wesleyan discipline that forbids participation in games of chance.

Regardless, I'll try and enjoy the CD's. Thanks for your congratulations, Kitty. Shannon, I won't attempt to emulate Barnesy's attempts at "singing."

Salient, Wang Chung must have had writers' block when they came up with that lyric.

James Garth said...

Wow, that Boonanza CD is a really class act, packed with '80s oz rock goods. Makes me feel like downing a VB in solidarity with our weight-challenged cricketing hero of yesteryear... and I don't even drink VB! :)

Ross McPhee said...

I should add that I didn't get any say in the CD's I received. I laughed when I opened the envelope that came in the mail and saw the Boonanza CD. I might develop an appreciation for Aussie pub rock.