Friday, March 09, 2007

Blowing my own trumpet

Recently I achieved something of a professional milestone when I had an article printed in the ALIA New Graduate Group's newsletter, newgradnews. It's not a professional journal in the true sense of the word, but a forum for the discussion of issues relevant to new information professionals. The way it works is that the editors invited contributions, and printed pretty much anything that was submitted to them. My article was a reflection piece on the past four years of my working life in the information profession, and also on some of the challenges of working as a solo librarian in my first library job. It's nice to have one's name in print, and to hopefully also give my peers the benefit of my insight and experience. On the off chance you're interested, click the hyperlink above to read more.


Glen O'Brien said...

Great job Ross. It was a really interesting read. You're an excellent writer mate, so keep those articles coming.

Ross said...

Thanks Glen. I hope to, time permitting, of course. Most of my creative writing energies will be channeled towards Intro to Theology for the time being.

Glen O'Brien said...

And so they should be!