Monday, February 26, 2007

Please have your tickets ready for inspection

As a favour for my esteemed colleague, Kingsley College lecturer the Reverend Dr. Glen O'Brien, I'm bringing to your attention an upcoming short film, currently being developed by his son Jesse, an aspiring film maker. Entitled Halt, the plot revolves around zombies and a train, apparently. To visit the web site and see a promo short go to
When this film is released, you might possibly hear a familiar voice in the small but pivotal role of a railway station announcer. If you read this, please find it within your heart to find some way of supporting this worthy cause. At the very least, Jesse may join the pantheon of great directors like Cecil B. DeMille, Alfred Hitchcock, David Lean, or Gerald Thomas. One day, when he goes on to win the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award, you may be acknowledged in his acceptance speech.

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