Monday, January 01, 2007

Year of something

This was the view of the Melbourne skyline a crowd of onlookers saw from a vantagepoint near Williamstown, in the hope of seeing the New Year's Eve fireworks display. Apologies for the low quality digital photo. It was taken on my camera, which as it turns out, is not suitable for outdoor night time photography. If you look closely, you might be able to see one firework exploding in the middle of the shot.

My New Year's Eve started at church. It was time for reflection on the closing year. I feel that I've grown spiritually over this year, and also as a person. Having said that, in Christian life, there is no room for complacency. I don't want to be content with where I am, but to keep seeking after God and what He has for me. In other words, this means seeking spiritual maturity. The Christian walk is a marathon, and not a sprint. Like 2006, I expect that 2007 will be another challenging but exciting year.

Enough reflection. After the service, out of the phonecall I had a phonecall from James, a friend of mine. Peter, a friend of his in Brunswick, was having a low key party. He said that if I didn't have other plans, which I didn't, I was welcome to come, which I did. Denise, a friend of Peter's who, like me, is a also a Kingsley student and classmate, was also there. She and Peter attend the same church, apparently. It was good to enjoy some light hearted conversation, and a late dinner. Around 11.00 we decided to head out to see in the new year at Williamstown. Due to traffic congestion, we didn't arrive back in Brunswick until 1.3o in the morning, from memory. Still, it was a fun evening, despite the fact that I didn't get home and in bed until after 3.00 am. This picture isn't very flattering, but how photogenic do you expect people to be at such an unearthly hour? I can't speak for those with whom I saw out 2006, but I'm not a night person.

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