Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Oh, Brother, or Big Bother.

"I will set before my eyes no vile thing..."
Psalm 101:3

Those of you in Australia would no doubt be aware that the "reality" TV show Big Brother is now back on air. I despise reality TV, and prefer to call this show Oh Brother.

I've never actually watched an episode, but anyone can work out what happens on it from the saturation media converage it receives.

In my view, there's something perverse and voyeuristic about watching a bunch of strangers who have cameras trained on them as they go about their everyday lives, including their ablutions, not to mention other activities.

It also subtly communicates the message that success in life can be attained through deceiving and manipulating others. Indeed, this show encourages and rewards such behaviour. That's my five cents. There, I feel purged now.

Life affirming, morally uplifting, entertaining, or a fascinating sociological experiment. None of these adjectives can be applied to Big Brother.


Glen O'Brien said...

Hey Ross. Welsome to the blogging community. Could't agree with you more about Big Brother. "Oh Brother!" - good one. Speaking of Oh Brothers have you ever seen "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" It's a great Coen brothers comedy based on Homer's Odyssey but set in 1920s Mississippi. It's great.

Ross said...

Hello Glen. Yes, it's good to be here...I think. No I haven't seen any Coen brothers movies. "Oh Brother Where Art Thou?" sounds like it's worth checking out.

Glen O'Brien said...

Hey Ross no blogging lately? You gotta write more than one entry man! Your assignment should you choose to accept it is to go and hire O Brother Where Art Thou? and then write a review. This blog entry will self destruct in 5 seconds.

Ross said...

Mission accepted. Watch this space.